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Architectural lighting is composed of a multitude of design elements combined to create a concept which is then implemented through the use of precise luminaires. Both elements require historical knowledge and a commitment to remain current in their evolution. We strive to stay abreast of the most recent applications and technologies but incorporate these factors judiciously - when deemed appropriate based on performance, energy-efficiency, cost, etc. Our goal is to introduce our client to design possibilities that are unique and suited to their project.


Lighting is a language. We translate our client's vision into the environment through communication and experience. The lighting is planned to highlight and accent the architectural planes and features to impart a sense of comfort as if born from the architecture itself. If applied with great care, this mysterious medium can produce a space that is vibrant, yet soothing with great spatial depth generated simply from its innate qualities. Through our close interaction with the design team, the final product reflects a balanced structure.